"You never know eh?"

"We named the dog Indiana."

"Sounds like demons escaping Hell"

"Sexy Zone!"


"I reckon we could just go left down here and ...oh Christ"

"Don't cry for her, I'm in bloody agony here"

"Horn, meet ringpiece"

"And after this, I never want to talk about it again."

"It's a mountain, shaped like a..."

"I want my country back."

"We love you Enda Kenny!"


"It's just your jive talkin'"

"Yoop yoop yoop!"

"Fiver on the little bloke with the bleeding ear"

Statue of Buddha in Hong Kong
"Not one? Not one. Not ONE?"

"Right, that's it...get off my train"

Oslo Parliament building
"I like Dancing On Ice as much as the next man (not much), but..."