Welcome page

Hello. I’m Chris. I write stuff from time to time.

Sometimes I write for free, sometimes I write for money. I used to collect as much of my stuff as possible at a page on Pinterest; yes, I’m that old, and yes I will do whatever the hell I want with semi-colons and commas thanks very much. I hadn’t updated Pinterest or added to it since the last time Clive Dunn was in everyone’s dead pool every year, so I have removed the link from here. It probably still exists but that’s not my fault is it?


I write an ongoing series of travelogues about trips to various curious places around the world. To signify the world I’ve found an image of a globe. Sometimes I find linear thinking so much fun. Click the globe to read travel tales.

I’ve also written a series of hopefully amusing tales of walks around London, the city I call home. Click the skyline to read those.

Striving for Apathy

I recommend you ignore this section if you have no sense of humour, or are easily offended, or consider the perfect life to be one long, dreary series of jobs and meetings, before retirement around 50 and death a few months later.

It occurred to me once that what the internet needs is more anger. Oh hindsight, you cruel mistress. The result was, indeed is, a website upon which rants emerge, unconfined by limits on opinion or obscenity. You may be the judge on whether this is a good thing once you’ve clicked the face to visit Striving for Apathy.