Welcome page

I’m Chris. As it says, I’m a writer. Sometimes I write for free, sometimes I write for money. You can find much of my written work here.

I’m also a peddler of various suspicious websites intended to provoke delight and concern in roughly equal measure. You can find those here.

I used to collect as much of my written work as possible at a page on Pinterest. I hadn’t updated it or added to it since the last time Clive Dunn was in everyone’s dead pool every year, so I have removed the link from here. It probably still exists but that’s not my fault is it?


I have written a series of travelogues about trips around the world I’ve made over the last few years. To signify the world I’ve found an image of a globe. Sometimes I find linear thinking so much fun. Click the globe to read travel tales.

I’ve also written a series of hopefully amusing tales of walks around London, the city I call home. Click the skyline to read those.

Other projects

I recommend you ignore this section if you have no sense of humour, or are easily offended, or consider the perfect life to be one long, dreary series of jobs and meetings, before retirement around 50 and death a few months later.

These are things I’ve done because I can see no reason not to, and I like to have a few little pet projects on the go to break up the monotony of looking for work. I apologise if you find any of these things hateful, but you have been warned.

Striving for Apathy

It occurred to me once that what the internet needs is more anger. Many would disagree. Nevertheless there’s a website people can write rants about whatever they like, unconfined by limits on opinion or obscenity. You may be the judge on whether this is a good thing once you’ve clicked the face to visit Striving for Apathy.


Over the course of the last two decades I have developed an unhealthy, in every sense, fascination with the humble kebab. This ultimately led to me creating a website called LargeDoner.com, which I still sporadically update but which largely trundles on with a life of its own. There’s even a phone app for it. Click the elephant’s leg to find out what this is all about.

Ron, of London

I once woke up in the middle of the night with a strange, unbidden idea for a cartoon. I went back to sleep and woke up in the morning unable to think of a reason not to do it. So was born Ron, of London. He once had his own site but someone hacked it and I got too old to care and now he lives here, plus it’s basically rubbish. Click Ron to see why I should never do this sort of thing.