Artist Title Format
Ben LeeBreathing TornadosCD
Ben LeeGrandpaw WouldCD
Courtney LoveAmerica's SweetheartCD
Jerry Lee LewisThe CollectionCD
LabradfordE Luxo SoCD
LafaroEasy MeatCD
LambWhat SoundCD
Land Of TalkSome Are LakesCD
LaptopEnd CreditsCD
LaptopThe Old Me Vs. The New YouCD
LaptopOpening CreditsCD
Latex GenerationBoysrockCD
Lazarus ClampThe More We Are The Funnier It IsCD
Lazer BoyFallen WorldCD
LazycameSaturday The FourteenthCD
Le Volume CourbeI Killed My Best FriendCD
Lead BellyMidnight SpecialCD
Lead BellyThe Definitive Lead BellyCD
LeftfieldRhythm And StealthCD
LefthandOn Discovering FireCD
Les Savy FavLet's Stay FriendsCD
Les Savy FavRoot For RuinCD
Let's WrestleNursing HomeCD
Let's WrestleIn The Court Of The Wrestling Let'sCD
Letters To CleoWholesale Meats And FishCD
LevitationNeed For NotCD
LiarsThey Threw Us All In A Trench And Stuck A Monument On TopCD
LibidoKilling Some Dead TimeCD
Lift To ExperienceThe Texas Jerusalem CrossroadsCD
Linkin ParkHybrid TheoryCD
Linkin ParkA Thousand SunsCD
Linkin ParkLiving ThingsCD
Linkin ParkMinutes To MidnightCD
Linkin ParkMeteoraCD
LitA Place In The SunCD
Little BarrieWe Are Little BarrieCD
Little MothersThe WorryCD
Little RichardThe Very Best OfCD
Living ThingsBlack Skies In Broad DaylightCD
Llama FarmersDead Letter ChorusCD
Lo-Fidelity AllstarsHow To Operate With A Blown MindCD
Lo-Fidelity AllstarsDon't Be Afraid Of LoveCD
LoghA Sunset PanoramaCD
Loney DearDear JohnCD
LongpigsMobile HomeCD
LongpigsThe Sun Is Often OutCD
LongwaveThe Strangest ThingsCD
LongwaveThere's A FireCD
LongwaveSecrets Are SinisterCD
Look MexicoTo Bed To BattleCD
Lord SkywaveLord SkywaveCD
Los Campesinos!We Are Beautiful, We Are DoomedCD
LostprophetsStart SomethingCD
LostprophetsThe BetrayedCD
LostprophetsLiberation TransmissionCD
LostprophetsThe Fake Sound Of ProgressCD
LovedrugEverything Starts Where It EndsCD
LowSecret NameCD
LowI Could Live In HopeCD
LowThings We Lost In The FireCD
LowDrums And GunsCD
LowThe Curtain Hits The CastCD
LowThe Great DestroyerCD
LowA Lifetime Of Temporary ReliefCD
LowLong DivisionCD
Lower Than AtlantisWorld RecordCD
LowgoldJust Backward Of SquareCD
LowgoldPromise LandsCD
LowgoldKeep Music MiserableCD
LowgoldWelcome To WinnersCD
Lucky Boys ConfusionCommitmentCD
Luke LeighfieldHave You Got HeartCD
Luke LeighfieldGarde Ta Foy, Garde Ta FoyCD
Luke LeighfieldFan The FlamesCD
LunaThe Days Of Our NightsCD
Lupine HowlThe Bar At The End Of The WorldCD
Lupine HowlThe Carnivorous Lunar Activities Of Lupine HowlCD
Lymbyc SystymLove Your Abuser RemixedCD
Lynyrd SkyntrdThe CollectionCD
Mark LaneganField SongsCD
Mark Lanegan BandBubblegumCD
LVL UPReturn To LoveDownload
Lust For YouthInternationalDownload
Lux LisbonYour Heart Is A Weapon The Size Of Your FistDownload
LVL UPHookwink'dDownload
Lust for YouthCompassionDownload
LuminousPink Boy, Blue GirlDownload
Luca BrasiIf This Is All We're Going To BeDownload
Lower Than AtlantisChanging TuneDownload
LovedrugThe Sucker Punch ShowDownload
Louis XIVSlick Dogs and PoniesDownload
Louis XIVThe Best Little Secrets Are KeptDownload
Losing SleepFear Of Missing OutDownload
Los Campesinos!No BluesDownload
LoopWolf FlowDownload
London ElektricityYikesDownload
Lonely AvenueTaking The Road Less TraveledDownload
LogisticsReality CheckpointDownload
London ElektricitySyncopated CityDownload
LoganCruel Little WorldDownload
Living With LionsMake Your MarkDownload
LitThe View From The BottomDownload
Little BarrieStand Your GroundDownload
Little Man TateAbout What You KnowDownload
Lions LionsTo Carve Our NamesDownload
Like TorchesShelterDownload
Like PacificDistant Like You AskedDownload
Lightspeed ChampionFalling Off The Lavender BridgeDownload
LightshipsElectric CablesDownload
Lightning BugFloatersDownload
Life On The SidelineHonesty Is A Dying BreedDownload
Life On RepeatStruggle and SleepDownload
LiarsDrum's Not DeadDownload
Let's WrestleLet's WrestleDownload
Less WinTrustDownload
Les Savy FavInchesDownload
Less ArtStrangled LightDownload
Leagues ApartBrief Interviews With Hideous MenDownload
LCD SoundsystemThis Is HappeningDownload
LCD SoundsystemSound Of SilverDownload
Last LungsLook At That Old Grizzly BearDownload
Late Of The PierFantasy Black ChannelDownload
Late BloomerThings ChangeDownload
Last CallDog YearsDownload
LandscapesModern EarthDownload
LambchopOH (Ohio)Download
Sondre Lerche And The Faces DownPhantom PunchCD
The Lake SituationThe Lake SituationCD
The Late GreatsLife Without BalloonsCD
The Leisure SocietyInto The Murky WaterCD
The Leisure SocietyThe SleeperCD
The LemonheadsIt's A Shame About RayCD
The LemonheadsThe LemonheadsCD
The LemonheadsVarshonsCD
The LemonheadsCar Button ClothCD
The LemonheadsCome On Feel The LemonheadsCD
The LibertinesThe LibertinesCD
The LibertinesUp The BracketCD
The Living EndThe Living EndCD
The LongcutA Call And ResponseCD
The LongcutOpen HeartsCD
The Loose CannonsMake The FaceCD
The Loose SaluteGetting Over Being UnderCD
The Lost RiversSin And LostnessCD
The LovesTechnicolourCD
The Low AnthemOh My God, Charlie DarwinCD
The Low AnthemSmart FleshCD
The LucksmithsWhere Were We?CD
The Low AnthemWhat The Crow BringsCD
LowThe Invisible WayCD
Losers...And So We Shall Never PartCD
Jamie LenmanMuscle MemoryCD
Linkin ParkRechargedCD
Linkin ParkThe Hunting PartyCD
Little MatadorLittle MatadorCD
Light You UpAll We've Ever KnownCD
Christopher LeeCharlemagne: The Omens Of DeathCD
LowOnes And SixesCD
LocrianInfinite DissolutionCD
Light YearsI'll See You When I See YouCD
Lola ColtTwist Through The FireCD
Mark Lanegan BandA Thousand Miles Of MidnightCD
LosersHow To Ruin Other People's FuturesCD
Mark Lanegan BandGargoyleCD
Linkin ParkOne More LightCD
LoatheThe Cold SunCD
Mark Lanegan BandPhantom RadioDownload
Kendrick LamarTo Pimp a ButterflyDownload
Jason LytleYours Truly, The CommuterDownload
The Last Shadow PuppetsThe Age of the UnderstatementDownload
The Lees Of MemorySisyphus SaysDownload
The Lone Bellow13Download
The Low AnthemEyelandDownload
Jamie LenmanDevolverCD
LowtideSouthern MindCD
LowDouble NegativeCD
Lo Fidelity AllstarsNorthern StompCD
LIFEA Picture Of Good HealthCD
Lord KitchenerKlassic Kitchener Volume OneCD
LewsbergIn This HouseCD
LoveForever ChangesCD
Mark LaneganStraight Songs Of SorrowCD
The Lazlo DeviceDuelismCD
LowHey WhatCD
The Lucky NineTrue Crown Foundation Songs: Hymns Of History And Hidden RitualCD